Lawn Maintenance

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We specialize in:
  • Lawn cutting . Weekly lawn cutting, edging.  May thru October
  • Feritlizer. Three applications:  Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Weed Killer. Two applications:  May and August
  • Bush Trimming. Any time needed
  • Spring  clean-up. Done in March or April
  • Fall clean-up. All work done in November . Leaf removal, cleaning up of beds.
  • Core aeration. Spring or Fall. (Well recommended to improve grass root growth)
  • Gutter cleaning. Any time needed.
  • Grub control . April- May
Residential:   Houses, condo buildings, row house associations and multi-unit buildings.
Commercial:  Office buildings, strip malls, churches, temples
Industrial:  Warehouses, factories.
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